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All of my colleagues:

Welcome you to join our common cause. I believe this is your life on the road with an important decision, I also hope that this decision will be you to create value for society, personal development and realize the ideal of life on the road beyond the critical step.

With China's sustained economic development, China has become a big country of produce and sale of wooden floor. Ten years ago, China is strengthening, solid wood composite floor net importing country; has now become a net exporter, because export volume increases, strong competitiveness only high-profile international anti-dumping and patent right control theory.

The next five to ten years, is still China's wood flooring in the golden period of development, continuing strong demand preview with bright prospects; our long-term GDP maintained in the annual growth of 7 - 9 percentage points; our country year population from 1100 to 12000000, the new purchasing power of 63000000000 yuan; rich high consumption crowd increase; now in the urbanization level increases the fastest period; real estate in the three pillars of floor of our country wood; the average penetration rate is 25% big city, small city of only about 10%, and strong growth in exports.

At the same time, floor market competition is increasingly cruel, we also will face grim challenge. Economic globalization, competition turns white-hot, macroscopical economy environment growth in the presence of uncertainty; Meidianyouyun tense; real estate grows hasten delay, there are fears that the global biggest real estate bubble; RMB exchange rate; international trade and investment environment changes. Flooring industry also faces great changes, more is from the point of view of enterprise credit has no strength and prospects for development, is the ratio of actual strength, than the reputation.

In market economy, is always the opportunities and challenges of. Only those who challenge, seize the opportunity of the enterprise, can not be eliminated, only then has the possibility to become " aircraft carrier "! The company will seize the opportunity, a positive innovation, to further strengthen the company's core competitiveness, strengthen the Borden wood brand and service quality promotion, promote the sustainable, stable and healthy development, mass.

We all come from " all corners of the country ", our goal is clear, our mission is great, we have a long way to go. History has given us this one business and opportunity, bring us together, you are welcome to join the team, let us work together, to build our " aircraft carrier "! In order to build the company into large enterprise group and the joint efforts of outstanding.

Wenjun Zhang

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