to improve Chinese people’s home furnishing environment, simply communicate, fashion life, and to pursuit a harmonious society in the new era.

Bodeng wood places “advocate a healthy new life and build beautiful homes" as the mission, bring employees, partners and the majority of families green homes and high quality  life. To the society, Bodeng pursuits perfect and harmony, cares for the poor and has a strong sense of social responsibility; On our own, Bodeng retreats to take the road of brand development, sustainable management; and to business partners, we keep integrity and pragmatic, hoping to develop win-win cooperation.

Company philosophy
The company will adhere to the "market-oriented, it is a center with benefit, with talent as a fundamental, credibility and development" purposes, to ensure the floor industry health to grow at the same time, associated to the area to expand, begin diversity to manage, raise economic benefits, achieve asset value and added value, improve enterprise economic strength and comprehensive quality.

To provide first-class products and services, to realize enterprise and employee value.

Spirit of enterprise
Learn widely from others' strong points, climb the highest mountain pragmatic innovation

Management philosophy
People-oriented, service intentions

Business philosophy
Honesty, service first, sophisticated excellence, compatible symbiosis.

continued for the community, create greater value for the enterprise
openness, trust, integrity, honesty
respect for personal values
forge ahead, and constantly create
sustainable development, built a century enterprise

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